Interdisciplinary Urbanism

> generally speaking, every now and then I like to think in text

> I use to write lyrics, prosa and theater pieces from time to time
> this is not directly free writing but helps quite sufficiently to rethink urban situations and encounters on other levels of human interactions & conception

> the link below leads to a theater piece
> the piece was written for a bar in a basement a bit outside of the very centre of Tallinn

> the piece describes the feeling of being torned when entering a new place, getting to know new people
> the passenger in the piece is the traveller that stucks ans hesitates until all is gone he contemplated about

> when all is gone, he himself comes into existence

> I want to share a prose text here as well

> gaspar vis-a-vie deals with a man trying to cross an intersection but steady as he goes he fails due to certain happenings that carry the story
> this prose is kafkaesk, deprived and pessimistic in its style of writing as well its context

> every glimpse of confidence over everyday life is an illusion embedded in the very utopian nature of everyday life and its strivings

> please see by opening the link below


> I used to write my much poetry to an extend where I would decide from time to time to set some poems to music and create a track out of them

> nowadays, I clearly established differences between poems for poetry and poems for music

> have a look at the poem below
> the topic is an all time classic of urban everyday life's topics, namely LOVE

> please see by opening the link below


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